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About us

Our company, NTC VINA, was established in 2017 in Vietnam. We provide cutting tools (Endmill, Tap, Insert,…) and Gas Spring used in press machine (we are the sole distributor of Powertec Korea in Vietnam). 

Vietnam is the country that is industrializing more and more, therefore the market of CNC maching in Vietnam is very potential. The needs of customers also vary from saving-cost items to high-quality item. Our mission is to satisfy the customers’ needs, basing on the ability to handle so many kinds of items

We aim to contribute to the development of the Vietnam by maximizing the competitiveness of quality, price, delivery. We also aim to contribute to the development of the global industry.

Being a cornerstone of the all industry, including Abrasives, Cutting tools, Gas Spring. We will do our best to satisfy all customer’s various needs with our product and confidence.

Further, we will continue to develop the platform to sustain the needs of our customers by continuously exploring the main industry materials that hold global competitiveness.

We, NTC Vina, will always be partner to help our customer’s innovation and efficiency maximization.